30 Day Self-Discovery Writing Challenge

Blogging turns you into a lot of things; a writer, a photographer, reflector, an experimenter, and a storyteller.

I created Through Blue Eyes as a way to capture my life in London and my travels, but even over a few short months it’s turned into something more of a self-discovery outlet.

In honour of this self-discovery, I’ve decided to start a 30 Day Challenge Series. The challenges will be based on things I want to try, old habits I want to break, or new habits I want to form.

The first 30 Day Challenge in the series is a writing challenge, and I’ll answer prompts that are focused on self-discovery once a day for 30 days.

Follow along and feel free to join in and leave your own answers in the comments if you like! Let’s do this!


When I started this challenge I was sceptical about whether or not I would enjoy it, and most importantly whether or not I could do it. Some of the prompts were really easy and actually quite fun to write about, while others stumped me.

One common thread through all of them was that each prompt helped me to reflect on my life in a way that I haven’t done before; productively and with purpose, rather than my typical random musings.

I’ve also discovered that I really love 30 day challenges, and I can see a 30 day challenge series in my future.

After all, sometimes one simple change is all it takes to make life better.