Monthly musings; July 2019

It's July. JULY! Somehow we're already into the second month of summer. 

June was a busy month for me and I unfortunately didn't set any goals for the month as part of my Monthly Musings. Instead, I went home for 10 days and caught up with friends and family, spent 6 glorious days at my favourite place (link), watched my best friend marry the love of her life. And there’s no better way to pass the time, if you ask me.

I could berate myself for not doing it, thinking about how I should have done better and it's a shame that I let it slide. There’s no value in this though, and I'm trying to shift away from using negative words like should and instead looking at things a little differently. I certainly could have set goals for the month of June and I could have taken the time to write about it. But I didn't, and that's okay!

Now that I’m successfully recovered from the wedding and settled back into my daily routines, it’s time to refocus for the month of July.

Here’s what I have in mind.

read one book per week

To call myself bookish as a kid may be an understatement. I absolutely adored reading and could often be found with my nose buried in a book during lunch or long care rides. I’d sometimes stay up until 3am just to finish a book because I was too impatient to wait until morning to pick it up again.

Somewhere along the way that obsession began to fade, taken over by Spotify tunes, drinks with friends, and Netflix nights. I’d started Becoming by Michelle Obama weeks ago but after about 60 pages I put it down in a corner of my room and left it there untouched. Yesterday I picked it up and went to the Common to continue reading and I’ve barely put it down since.

So this month I’m going to aim to get my eyes off of Netflix and my nose back into books by reading one book per week. If you have any suggestions, please comment below!

complete 30 days of intermittent fasting

I’ve said before that I’ve worked hard at getting myself into a good gym routine over the past few months. I’m officially now a gym junkie, in love with the grind and addicted to how much better it makes me feel (physically, mentally, spiritually, all of it).

Recently though I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a plateau. I’m definitely getting stronger, but it doesn’t feel like I’m seeing any results. I have friends and family who have done intermittent fasting over various periods of time, all to positive reviews.

So I thought ‘Why not? I’ll give it a shot.’

I’m fairly confident that I’ll be able to do it without slip ups and am curious to see what happens at the end of day 30. Wish me luck!

get outside as much as possible

Sometime last year my Dad mailed me a picture frame with the saying ‘Go outside and do something great’ framed inside.. Now that Summer has arrived and the Sun in London has arrived with it, I want to revel in it while it lasts.

Days that turn into nights on the Common, grabbing a pint at one of London’s dozens of outdoor pubs, walking along the River Thames during my lunch break - I mean really, what can be better than that?

have one new experience per week

This is going to be a continual goal because it’s easy to forget but it’s important to do!

When you live in a city as big as London, there is an endless supply of places to go and things to do/see. In the winter months I usually go into hibernate mode and find myself exploring the city less and less. This month, I want to make sure that I keep exploring and experience one new thing per week. Or as my Dad would say, ‘go out and do something new!’

tell me, what are some of your goals for July?

With love, V.