Monthly musings; April 2019

Welp, it only took me two months to break my goal of writing and posting monthly goals for myself each month.

Whether or not you noticed, I failed to post any goals for the month of March. I could say that it’s because I was too busy with moving flats or that work was absolutely killing me and I just didn’t have the brain space to post anything. I’m a bit sad that I left this idea slip so early into the year, but just because I didn’t post any goals for March doesn’t mean I didn’t have them.

Last month I got into a really good habit of starting my days off at the gym each morning. I haven’t quiiite mastered not hitting snooze, but I went to the gym 22 times in the last 30 days which I am very proud of. I continued to pack lunch most days and make myself healthy meals. I also set boundaries with work and slowly but surely started leaving the office earlier and earlier until I was actually leaving at a decent hour. I also reconnected with old friends and traveled to new places.

For me, April is about continuing the healthy habits I set in March and branching out in my new area of London.

exercise at least 4x per week

I am not a morning person by ANY stretch of the imagination - I don’t like waking up early and I certainly don’t like getting out of my comfy bed.

I may have established a good routine of working out in the mornings last month, but I still have daily arguments with myself about whether or not it’s really worth it to get up in the morning. This month the goal is to keep going to the gym in the mornings and to exercise at least 4x per week and hopefully to reach the point where I can just pop out of bed ready to take on the gym rather than having to will myself to go.

write at least one blog article per week

Last month I only wrote one blog article! Just one!!

It was perhaps the most important one I’ve written so far because it was about reaching my one year anniversary in London, but one article in 31 days is pretty poor.

I want to replicate the same focus I had last month of getting into a better gym routine to get into a better blogging routine. I find this tough during the week because I’m usually brain dead by the end of the work day and I’d much rather lay on the couch and watch Netflix than write, so I really need to be conscious of this habit to ignore writing and work to create a weekly routine that I can stick to.

To get me going down the right path, I will post at least one blog article per week (not including this one) and see how well I do.

check in with at least 3 people from home each week

Living in another country can sometimes make keeping in touch with your friends and family difficult. Everyone has their own lives already and when you throw a time zone in there you find that it’s actually very easy to lose touch with people back home.

Hearing from people from home makes me happy, so this month, I will check in with at least 3 people (friends or family) each week so that we can catch up and to see how they’re doing.

have one new experience per week

Yes, this is a repeat from February, but I think it’s just as important!

When you live in a city as big as London, there is an endless supply of places to go and things to do/see. In the winter months I usually go into hibernate mode and find myself exploring the city less and less. This month, I want to make sure that I keep exploring and experience one new thing per week. Or as my Dad would say, ‘go out and do something new!’

tell me, what are some of your goals for April?

With love, V.