3 easy ways to cure a comparison hangover

I’ve had pretty bad hangovers in my time, but some of my nastiest hangovers have involved zero alcohol whatsoever.

Instead, they involved a pesky little bugger I call comparison.

People suffer from comparison hangovers for all sorts of reasons.

Maybe your best friends are reaching life milestones ahead of you, like getting married or buying a house, and you’re left feeling behind. Maybe you just lost out on a promotion and you’re left wondering what the other person did better to deserve it. Maybe you’re scrolling through Instagram looking at these Instagram influencers and you’re left wishing you looked like they did.

It has never been easier in the history of our planet than it is right now to compare every minute detail of yourself and your life to someone else and theirs.

Talk about a no-win proposition!

If you are someone who, like me, struggles with comparison hangovers, then chances are you’ve experienced some of the negative side effects of comparison.

Here are 3 ways to kill that comparison hangover and get on with living your best and baddest life.

Stop your train of thought

When you notice yourself entering into a negative comparison mindset, stop that negative thinking right in its tracks.


My mom taught me a cool trick years ago that has come in handy for me on many occasions. If I feel my thoughts drifting somewhere negative, I picture a stop sign.

Yep, I said it. I picture one of things with eight sides, bright red colour, and the word STOP in the centre in white capital letters.

It usually starts out small; a visual on the periphery of my chaotic thoughts telling me to chill TF out. The longer I focus on it the more central it becomes and eventually the noise in my head slows down. This trick can take seconds or it can take minutes, but it usually works.

Give yourself perspective

Once you’ve managed to slow down your thoughts, ask yourself the following questions to give yourself a bit of perspective:

Do their accomplishments diminish from your own?

Does their journey directly affect the progressions of yours?

Do you get anything positive out of this comparison?

Chances are very high that your answer will likely be ‘no’ to all of those questions.

Why is that?

Because at the end of the day someone else’s journey has no material impact on your own!

Just because your friends are reaching life milestones ahead of you doesn’t mean that you’re unlovable and will be alone for the rest of your life. It literally has nothing to do with you! It’s about them and their journey, so do your best to be happy for them and keep your ego out of it.

Channel your joo joo into the right places

Joo joo is magic.

Every single minute you spend focused on someone else’s style, successes, and life is a minute lost on achieving your own. You are voluntarily wasting your own magic because you are too focused on someone else’s.

Realise that your magic is too precious to be wasted and take it back from all of the people and places where you’ve left it over the years.

Channel your inner joo joo on self-belief, not self-doubt and on building a life that you want for yourself. Whatever everyone else does is just noise.

Knock it off

Comparison is one of the easiest traps to fall into and one of the toughest habits to break.  It leaves you feeling frustrated, down, and a little bit sick about your life and where you’re headed.

Aka, it gives you a massive hangover that, just like with alcohol, you bring entirely upon yourself!

If you find it difficult to stop comparative thoughts, these three steps will help you move in the right direction.

Or, like my Dad says, ‘just knock it off already!’

With love, V