Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy

  1. The uncontrollable, body shaking, tear-jerking laughter I only experience with your best friends

  2. Looking through old photos and remembering a memory I haven’t thought of in ages

  3. The first hugs from my parents after I haven’t seen them in awhile

  4. The smell of my clothes after spending a weekend at my family’s lake house

  5. Blasting music and dancing barefoot like a fool

  6. An unexpected text or call from someone I haven’t heard from in awhile

  7. Being a complete novice and experiencing a town or country for the first time

  8. Singing an entire song from memory for the first time

  9. Breathing in crisp, autumn air for the very first time that season

  10. The feeling when you look at someone and realise that you just truly enjoy their existence