Day 26: Write about something you'd like to improve

Just one thing?!

There are many things which I would like to improve. I don’t really believe that we are ever done ‘learning’ or ‘improving’. There is always a new skill to learn, new knowledge to gain, and more self-discovery to be found.

Since most of my posts have been focused on self-discovery (duh, it’s in the title!), I’m going to focus not on something that I would like to improve within myself (because I think I’ve touched on some of those things already) but rather a skill that I’d like to improve.

Again, there are many, but right now I’d like to improve my photography skills. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and had no problems being the friend who would take everyone’s photo. I’m also fairly certain that my camera was around my neck roughly 98% of the time I studied abroad in Italy.

I’ve read a few articles and dabbled a bit with editing (Adobe Lightroom is a gem), but I’ve never put a concentrated amount of effort into getting better at taking or editing them. I don’t really know anything about exposure, white balance, angles, perspective, yada yada.

I feel like my writing is improving with each post (at least I hope so) because I’m writing more regularly. I suppose taking that same approach with photography might have similar results.

In fact, it might be an idea for another 30 day challenge…