Day 22: Describe 5 things you're good at

I’m a good listener

At least, I like to think so. I try my best to be an active listener to whomever I’m speaking to. I like to think that when friends or family confide in me it’s because they now that I will listen to them and do my best to support them.

I’m a good singer

Again, at least I like to think so! I grew up around music and have been singing for longer than I can remember. I was heavily involved in my school’s music department, sang in an a cappella group at Uni, and am even part of a work cover band. In the past few years I’ve grown more confident in my voice and I’ve really grown to love it.

I can say the alphabet backwards

You can thank my dad for this one. He taught me how to sing the alphabet backwards when I was little. I assume he did this so that I’d have something to be preoccupied with in the car, but it really did stick. Sometimes I think I can say the alphabet backwards better than I can forwards. Plus, it’s a (relatively) cool party trick.

I’m good at doing things alone

This one may sound a little morbid but stay with me. Travelling for work in the States Monday through Thursdays nonstop really got me comfortable with doing things alone. I can go to a restaurant by myself, or to a bar by myself, and have a perfectly good time. I’ve gone to the movies alone. Hell, I even moved to London alone. I’ve definitely figured out how to enjoy my own company.

I’m good at pulling people together

I love to plan things with my friends, and I love getting my friends and family together as much as possible. If I want to go back to Penn State to watch The Pennharmonics (my Uni a cappella group) sing, I will reach out to every single Penns alum and see how many I can get to go with me. If I’m in Philly visiting my cousin Marykate, I’ll reach out to Anna and Ryan to see if they want to join us. There are not many things that I love more than having the people that I love all in the same place.